Dream of owning a franchise business of your own?

The opportunity is now available. Become an entrepreneur with a low capital investment with no special skills needed. All you have to do is manage an outlet that has a simple operation and that so easy to manage. With a good return of investment, most outlet owners can expect to experience a return of investment of less than 1 year.

Franchisee can also expect to secure good location with Nelson’s well known brand at most hypermarket and departmental stores such Tesco, Jusco, Giant, Carrefour, Mydin, Mid Valley, Sungai Wang, Central Market, The Mall, Summit Square and many more. Own highly attractive and brightly colored designed kiosks that are easy to assemble or disassemble which in turn reduces the cost of relocation and also the difficulty in relocating to a new venue. Franchisee will also be able to innovate and introduce new product in the outlets.

Main operational training will be provided by Nelson’s. Franchisee should be hands on in operating the outlet and should also have some seed capital to start up the business. However this does not mean Franchisee needs to be present at the outlet all the time. Franchisee only needs to supervise the outlet staff.

Why wait? Contact us now and start owning your own Business!

Master Franchise Opportunity

Master Franchisee is given the opportunity to operate many outlets within a given territory. Master Franchisee would be able to recruit Franchisees within their territory earning franchising fee and also profit from the supplies sold to Franchisees within their territory.

Master Franchisee will be able to have a high return on his investments from every outlet that is owned. On top of that Master Franchisee will have an opportunity to manage a chain of outlets operated by franchisee operated within the territory. Opportunity to innovate and introduce products within the franchisee chain is also given to Master Franchisee. Why stop with just one territory? Expand the franchisee chain to other territories approved by Nelsons.

Master Franchisee must have sufficient capital to open several outlets per year and also able to secure good warehousing and cold storage facilities. Master Franchisee must also be able to secure good location with high traffic flow in the territory. Master Franchisee must also have good management and business administrative skills and an to operate a snack food business chain.


On-site training on outlet operations and in-house management training.