At Nelson’s we are the first Company in the World to introduce the concept of ‘Corn in Cup’. With our success in setting up profitable retail stores in Malaysia we ventured into franchising our successful concept in snack food business to entrepreneurs who wish to set up its own chain of snack food business. After making many entrepreneurs successful in Malaysia Nelson’s spread its wings overseas and now with hundreds of outlets in Saudi Arabia under a highly successful Master franchise holder, almost one hundred outlets in Kuwait under a Master franchise holder and other Master franchise holder in Indonesia and Brunei are making good progress in opening Nelson’s outlets. Nelson’s plant own sweet corn seeds (Nelson 28) in Perak and Sabah …….
Nelson has the quality control of the processing of each corn from planting, harvesting, processing, distribution channels and storage. For the year 2007 with several carefully selected Master Franchisee Nelson’s expect tremendous growth in countries such as Middle East Countries and North Africa, China, England, Sweden and Europe.